Seasonal Sprucing Up and School Organization

Unusually for me, I’m happily anticipating the new school year and cooler season and having to force myself to remember to squeeze out all the enjoyment the last golden days of summer afford.

I can’t start school yet (my books haven’t arrived), I can’t take down my curtains which, closely drawn all summer long, have blocked my view of the back yard, I can’t begin baking things that heat up my kitchen, and I can’t remove the window screens and fling open doors and windows with little fear of bugs. (Actually, I do that all summer long. That’s what the classy dangling decor known by some as “fly strips” are for. I made sure to get them in orange.)

But! I can get my Living Room (the disguised School Room) ready for school by doing a little Fall Cleaning!

I took this obsession with setting up for school while having in hand almost none of the school supplies that I will be getting yet and channeled it toward cleaning the sliding glass window track (horrid) and windows, dusting, emptying out baskets of random stashed books and magazines and toys, and generally planning Where Things Will Go Once The Things Are Here.

(I recommend homeschooling just for the fun decor and organizational challenges it brings: how can I keep things close to hand and yet beautiful, practical yet not visually cluttered? I love it.)


This side of the room houses school supplies and books: whiteboards and clipboards in the dark brown woven bin on top of the left expedit organizer, while the four bins inside the expedit are destined to hold one child’s school books apiece. Maybe marked attractively with a sticker for the first letter of their first name.



On top of the right-hand expedit are the writing utensils, pencils in plain view because they’re iconic and beautiful and dry-erase markers and electric pencil sharpener inside the covered woven basket because they’re not. The baskets in this expedit will house my and Jarret’s books as well as the Bible curriculum) that he’ll take off my hands, ideally) and something else. Maybe more school supplies like rulers and hole punch and flashcards. All of the labels need to be relabeled, once I get more label tape.


So far, the other side of the room is pretty much the same as it’s been for months. Shockingly! It really needs some attention. A frame for that map, for one. I’ve got a bit of a revamp in the works, though, when I refinish the desk below and move the computer onto it, hopefully making blogging and other online work a bit easier than the current situation with tedious tiny touch screen tapping.


Also, that mirror needs a frame and I have four chalkboards that Jarret and I need to router and paint. There’ll be a separate one for each kid and I’ll write things like their weekly assignments and spelling words on them. How cool is that??!

Now, if only that UPS truck would drop off those books!!


5 thoughts on “Seasonal Sprucing Up and School Organization

  1. I just love that blue color! I’m obsessed with school supplies, freshly sharpened pencils, etc, so the idea of four chalkboards and all the set up you get to do just sounds lovely!

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