So, ladies, it’s September.

You probably know that better than I.

You’ve probably gotten your kids off to school or maybe they’re gathered around your little round table looking angelic as they write earnestly in workbooks.

And me?

I feel like a hot mess.

I am absolutely unprepared to start school.

Also? Unprepared for this raininess. I was looking forward to it, but there were some things I still wanted to do which necessitated some sun for drying things off, like washing out the glass recycling bin and bringing in mousy items from the cabin which would need a pit stop in the front yard to be sanitized before being brought into the house!

And I am just not completely healthy. Physically, not that bad aside from ice-cream induced inches. My hormones! I’ve been talking about them for, you know, forever, but I’ve felt a little stymied about how to address them while having a nursing baby. Not to mention they take rather a long time to test and, now that I finally dragged myself to a naturopath, I have to wait until all of my test results come in, while enduring mood swings and irrational patches of completely rational-seeming anger and frustration and low moods.

It’s not every day and it’s not every hour, but it is not fun, guys. Not fun for anyone.

*Stops and takes some fermented skate liver oil because I remember why I’m feeling negative.*

Interestingly, every single time I take a dose of fermented cod liver oil (or skate oil, this batch), I feel better. Remember how I swore by that stuff when I was pregnant? Money worries had us slacking off on the supplements at night and about a week ago I began taking fermented cod liver oil twice daily and it helps to me pull out of that nosedive. The content of this stuff is so far superior to fish oils—there is vitamin d and a and k2 in addition to the omega 3s and I feel like my brain is currently starving for all that dha and epa and that maybe Toni is getting all of mine and no wonder I feel like I’m depleted!

Another good thing is my monthly freezer crock pot meal plan, from the five dollar meal plan site. For five dollars, I got ten recipes, a wonderful grocery list, and tons of instructions and tips. The kids and I have already filled twenty-four bags with chicken and peppers and onions and tomatoes and sausages and broth and black beans or whatever the six recipes have called for and I have four recipes, sixteen bags, left to fill. I am seriously excited about returning to grabbing a ziplock out of the freezer and popping it into the crockpot for an instant awesome dinner. Always worth the mess and the up-front work. And this time, I didn’t have to make it up myself with my own meager brainpower!


The kids were a great help, slicing and dicing peppers and onions and crying along with me with the extreme fumes. Toni liked eating and throwing food scraps all over the floor.

Lachlan cut himself and it was Nurse Noria to the rescue. (She is hilariously a pro at getting out the hydrogen peroxide and pouring a little gently over the cut and then dabbing the cut dry and applying a bandaid. I love it.)



She is also an expert pepper dicer.


Yes, that is an onion on the floor. The floors suffer so much.

I am suddenly feeling motivated to figure out next week’s Back to School stuff. Maybe Jarret and I can use our date night tonight to scheme some fun things to start the school year off right! My cod liver oil is kicking in and now I just want to go and buy school supplies. Tons of school supplies.

Completely unrelated situation here: Auntie Mary, Reidun, and Cheryl: I canNOT send out email! I wrote each of you chatty replies to your emails (long ago) from my email app on my laptop and every time I try to send them, or any other email, I get a delivery status failure message. My phone refuses to sign in on all of my email addresses and I cannot figure out why! I have not been deliberately ignoring you!


2 thoughts on “September

  1. Oh!!! Lol! Ok good to know. As you’ll see from my latest nagging email I just sent a few minutes ago, I was starting to assume you just didn’t care about hanging out with me. ;) hopefully Mel and Mere can pick up your slack, haha. see you soon!

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