School Prepping

Apparently, I’ve exceeded the memory available to me on a free WordPress blog! I remember years ago looking at the laughably small amount of memory I’d used up and thinking it was basically infinite and today, I’m all full up. This means that all of the pictures I took after the ones in this post are not able to be uploaded, which means I have to figure out what to do! 

I feel a thousand percent better about school today than I did two days ago, all because of a little change in how I saw my newly-installed coffee bar/hutch.



Instead of being solely for fancy dishes, table cloths, paper products, and other entertaining items, it has become my school station! (Wasn’t this totally obvious, now that you think of it?!? So weird that I hadn’t pursued this usage in the first place.)


I put that “Be Kind for Everyone Is Fighting a Hard Battle” (or whatever it says) sign everywhere as an attempt to be more understanding and empathetic to my kids. I don’t know that it works, but that’s the hope. ;)


Since we can’t afford to buy a large sheet of formica right now, Jarret painted the top of the base cabinet with some chalkboard paint we had leftover from the chalkboards hanging on the wall to the left of the cabinet. This should be relatively durable, as long as we don’t put any liquids on it or treat it too badly.

The drawers are for storage of writing utensils, paper, and flashcards, as well as Spelling, Science, History, and Writing books and the two flanking cabinet doors have a spot for each kids’ books and supplies.

I’m in love.

We can hardly wait for Monday!

I bought some prints from an Etsy shop today (which I can’t upload to show you!) and taped them into some frames which have been knocking around for some time. I am hoping that I can keep my mind on a) the importance of modeling the behavior I want to teach my kids—because I do so many stupid, immature, sinful things in front of them—knowing that my life is more powerful than my words, b) that I would remember that my job is to inspire the passion that God has put in them as humans for learning and growing and pursuing their gifts rather than just trying to cram facts into their heads and c) good habits make a good life; little things make all the difference.

Argh. You should see the signs. They’re awesome.

I was reading some posts from back in the day, and kind of cracking up at how cute we were:

September 2009.

September 2010.

September 2011.

September 2012.

September 2013.

September 2014.

How long have I been doing this!? Am I any better? Not really. But I know myself and my kids better…that’s something, anyway!

This is our last non-school weekday today. The boys are supposedly going to clean their room so that that cesspool will be easy to tidy each morning for morning routine. What are the chances that I won’t have to get in with hip waders and garbage cans? Low. Very low.


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