I love it when we get back from a store/park/library trip and half of the kids are so engrossed in their books that they don’t even get out of the van and the other half find somewhere outdoors to spread out and read and I get the world’s greatest Quiet Time ever. And when Toni keeps on napping peacefully in her car seat and someone is willing to stay with her so she doesn’t end up waking up to this slightly scary but totally cute situation:


Abel said (after he went out to check on her for me) that she was absentmindedly petting them and perfectly content. Lol.

And you’re welcome for the gorgeously unedited complete mess that is my van. Although usually worse than this.


Love it when Jarret and the boys are busy doing manly things, this time loading up for a post and beam framing job for GKH because framers are in such high demand that the GKH office guys decided to wade in and flex their muscles. What did I do while he was working his Saturday away? Oh, just get a pedicure with a friend and go to Ikea. What could be better? Basically nothing.


We’ve been thoroughly wringing the awesome out of this weather at various and sundry parks. Can you see Toni?


Especially our own Yvillian park.

And doing school, although life has been a little crazy so I’m determined to keep any outings to after noon. We can’t go out in the mornings or the whole day is weird and someone inevitably misses their spelling or writing or second laundry chose and we can’t have that!

I’m getting determined enough to get my health in line that I quit coffee on Friday and it’s been better and less bett than I thought it would be… Always weird muscle pains and such. But it’ll be worth it. I’m already sleeping so much more deeply! And I’m trying to rein in my eating and stop the ice cream and it has been two days so aren’t you proud of me? I feel like a rock star. Carrots and guacamole and berries and dark chocolate and great eggs with bacon….why can’t I ever remember how good eating quality food is?!?

I’ve been researching nutrition like crazy and am going to get back into my old traditional style of eating ways as soon and we get our paycheck and I can buy some Bubbies sauerkraut and a whole chicken for stock and such. I’m seriously fired up!

I’ve been binge-listening to these incredible podcasts (Balanced Bites) and am so obsessed with whole foods right now. And digestion. I wish everyone would talk with me about number two and its health implications but people get all weird about it. But come on! We get that’s eating is important and we talk about that but we never talk about how to tell if it’s actually working properly! Anyway. Lol. I’m not actually going to ask you anything of the sort, don’t fear.

Finally got my hormone results back and (shocker) I have sky-high testosterone and incREDibly low progesterone. Now to supplement them back into balance and let’s pray all the mood swings and irritability and cyclical depression and lack of motivation evens out to the actual me I remember being! Thank God for the ability to realize that there’s something going on nutritionally or hormonally and for the ability to change it. My family needs me back to normal! I totally recommend that ladies of childbearing stage (well, probably any age) get themselves tested if they’re feeling sub-optimal.

I just LOVE this type of weather! Sunny but window-openable! The best ever.

2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. The background on the picture where the guys are unpacking the van is incredible!!! You can e-mail me this if you prefer, but where did you get your hormones tested? I need to do this.

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