Because I know that my psyche is a little more fragile at this moment (you know, the messed-up hormones), I’ve done a little withdrawing from Facebook and blogging and just kind of been doing my own thing. (Still checking it a few times for a minute or two to make sure I know if someone has had to communicated with me on there.) For someone who usually loves the interaction and attention (letsbehonest), it has been nice.

Maybe even more than the social media aspect (because I have awesome friends), it’s the fact that I don’t go down too many shared-article rabbit trails right now. I just can’t handle them! They touch on every fear-about-the-future nerve I have and I collapse into a my-kids-will-be-living-in-modern-day-Rome-but-worse ice-cream depression. So it’s better that right now, while I have zero coping skills for that sort of thing, that I stick my head back into my home sand and pretend that my job is to live a quiet and peaceable life taking care of my kids.

Because maybe it still is, and maybe we fragile humans don’t need to carry all the weight of the world on our shoulders just because the world is suddenly small and we know everything that’s happening in it.

Anyway, we nurturers of young souls, we need to protect ourselves so that we’re not a mess trying to raise up sweet people! I don’t think I need to solve the world’s problems right now, but I sure as heck need to take care of the kid with the headache and the kid needing help with long division right in front of my eyes. You know?

So. Here’s how I’m taking care of myself:

  1. Limiting online stuff, although I have been researching the Paleo diet, nutrition, and watching cooking videos with my kids somewhat obsessively.
  2. Exercising three times a week, two times Zumba and once on my own, which always means I wuss out and don’t really do anything. I need groups!
  3. Drinking a ton of water with lemon.
  4. Drinking a ton of tea and no more coffee.
  5. Taking my supplements.
  6. Turning down the lights at least a half hour before bed, using the twilight app on my phone to turn the color to reddish rather than daylight-like blueish and going to bed as soon as Toni does, turning off my phone immediately to avoid the temptation to use it in bed. (My phone use has significantly decreased. I now usually only use it for podcasts and the quickest checking of Facebook! Amazing!)
  7. Waking up early with Jarret to get his breakfast and tea and lunch made to send him off for a more healthful day.
  8. Forcing myself to get right to the school table when my first student appears sleepily from the hall and needs breakfast and an education.
  9. And now, working on my eating. Again. Sigh. I’m so bad at the eating thing. Serious praying needed.

10 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. ……and you are so right. It’s way too overwhelming to know everything going on in this evermore shrinking world. One needs to cocoon really in order to peacefully raise children, at least to some extent. Today’s day is more difficult that way, I do believe, with social media than in my day. I need to have more discipline myself in this area!!! You make some great points. God bless you.

  2. You are so right about tuning out all the world’s problems! Taking care of your family and focusing on things that in power positive things for your life! Plus God promises to be right with us!!
    Keep trying! You are doing great!

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