Sciency Skeletons and Such

We’ve been persisting in keeping to a five-day school week with a skeleton skedjule on Thursdays because of needing to get our the door for our every-other-week co-op, and it’s been working pretty well.

I definitely feel like canceling school on Fridays and using it for extracurricular activities and field trips, but since we have five days per week worth of curriculum to get through during the school year, I figure we’ll give it our best and see what happens. Usually life happens, and a little extra oomph now will help that not be so stressful later.

Science (and History, which I will talk about later) is slated for twice a week at Happy Hour, but, for various reasons, I find it hard to fit in. I guess the running to the gym and co-op and stuff several times a week would explain that! But when we do it, it’s pretty awesome. I’m already obsessed with health and nutrition right now but have next to no training, so an elementary guide to the human body is just what I need. Today we studied the skeletal system, and after reading the textbook and taking notes and drawing a cross-section of a bone, I grabbed an awesome skeleton model from some stuff Amy gave me and we assembled it together.


The boys, after about an hour of listening to me read and then assembling this thing were getting pretty silly at the end of it.


As you can no doubt perceive.

They’re cute and now they’ve been released from academic torture for the day back to their room and their legos.

As far as History goes—well, I was going to read from MOH 2 (Middle Ages, just awesome stuff), and supplement with audio Story of the World cds, but the same difficulty with finding the afternoon time to sit down with the boys and read aloud applies.

Not to mention the fact that Abel begged to be able to listen to the Story of the World cds in his room and then kept coming out to tell me things about Mary Queen of Scots or, once walking through the Promised Land—er, Ikea— about that one thing in Shakespeare about the woods coming toward the castle and then they did, because they were men disguised as trees, you know the one (yeah, apparently I’ll have to listen to them myself again to clarify some stuff) and I thought to myself: “Self, you can drag out that textbook and read to slightly disinterested boys or you can sell the textbook, buy it on audio cd, and have both SOTW and MOH Ancient Times and Middle Ages to listen to and they’ll learn better than they ever would from you! And with no effort! This is a no-brainer. You can use that time to peruse Houzz looking at beautiful kitchens.”

And that was that.


Honoria is very motivated to pull out her special pink binder with her special pink pencil pouch and to complete her Little People worksheet for the day. She’s just so stinking cute and earnest and actually good at school, even when I wasn’t really planning on having her do it for real! (But don’t tell her that.) I think I may buy her the preschool/kindergarten workbooks from my favorite company (can’t remember right now) when she’s finished with these dollar store ones.


We just can’t help it; Dining Room School has devolved into Living Room School and we love it. Even the tired Toniabegonia.

Who is pulling herself up and standing! I’m so used to wishing she’s stay babyish that I’m perpetually amazed when she seems inclined to grow and develop like her (much advanced) peers. Wayyyy too cute.


Speaking of Ikea, I bought this gorgeous bamboo tablet holder so I can chop veggies and watch cooking videos to motivate me. Weirdo that I am, I need these kinds of things to make kitchen work fun.

I actually think that some day I could say “I love to cook”, which would be a serious miracle. But I just keep on coming back to the fact that it’s kind of my main job! I mean, it comes around like seven times a day or something ridiculous. And if I want my family to be healthy, it’s kinda all on me.

So Ikea, here I come for more of your exciting kitchen organizational stuff. I just LOVE you.

[I used to have a picture of me hugging an Ikea sink, which would have been appropriate to insert here, but I felt it was disloyal to my current kitchen sink so I deleted it. It was, of course, incredibly lovely.]


Sort of like how I used to love fire extinguishers in my youth. (??)

Anyway, I’m feeling similarly loopy as my boys, apparently. Time to go put that chicken in the oven and make myself a blood-sugar regulating snack.


4 thoughts on “Sciency Skeletons and Such

  1. Does MoH have audio CDs as well? Do you find they go alongside with Story of the World? See, I get so many resources just from reading your blog! I love that! My kids get all these great books and CDs thanks to you.

    1. Yes!! They’re not perfectly aligned but extremely complementary because they cover similar and different things! And MOH is overtly Christian so even cooler! Weaving in Jesus to it all!

  2. Hahaha! I suppose if ones life was saved thanks to a fire extinguisher, you’d feel pretty in love with them. Was that the case? I love Honoria’s school set up- I think I need to go back to school so I can have something similar!

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