A Switch

I’d waited fourteen months to share that last post, never quite feeling ready to go there. (You know how it is…right in the middle of the hard time is the time you can’t really handle talking about it.)

But it has been so healing to entrust you all with the struggle and to hear from several of you that, while all of our issues are different, you get it!

Thank you for being awesome.

Someone recently asked me if I had a peace about where I find myself and I hesitated, not quite sure. But I don’t think about it all the time any more. I’m not avoiding the tears if they want to come, and they aren’t coming now—at least for now.

WordPress tells me, appropriately, that I celebrated my five-year anniversary of orangerie yesterday. Perfect timing to tell you that since my free storage here has been filled, I’m switching over to write at  http://www.orangerieinpencil.wordpress.com

Same drivel, new address. A fresh start. :) See you there.

8 thoughts on “A Switch

  1. Just when I (finally) subscribed to this one. ;) will I still get notifications? Or do I re-subscribe at the new address?

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